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Secure Source Code Review

Reveal Hidden Vulnerabilities with Secure Source Code Review

Tensecure uses a hybrid approach that uses leading edge automated tools, manual static analysis, in-house developed scripts, and source code review experts



The first step of a security code review is to conduct a thorough study of the application followed by the creation of a comprehensive threat profile.


Our experts study the code layout to develop a specific code reviewer plan, and use a hybrid approach where automated scans are verified and a custom manual review is performed.


Validation once the code is analyzed, the next step in the security code review process is to verify existing flaws and generate reports that provide solutions.

Secure Source Code

The secure source code review provided by us involves a detailed assessment of the code behind your web and mobile applications. We have experts proficient in identifying vulnerabilities in different programming languages to make the task a cake-walk.  

Identify weak points in your code before an attacker does.

Why test? 

Organizations that develop application or software may expose the business to unacceptable risks through security vulnerabilities within the code. These software bugs can break security controls and unknowingly.

Allow an attacker to use the application to bypass security controls.

The increasing complexity of web applications introduces far more scope for vulnerabilities to creep into your code.


Identify if the source code is inadvertently revealing sensitive business information. 

What you gain from this testing:

The most accurate picture of your web application security. 

A comprehensive report outlining any weakness in your code and security exposure.

A security road map and action plan detailing how to resolve issues. 

Enhanced protection of your data and IT systems, brand and reputation. 

How Tensecure tests: 

Tensecure has contributed to the development of the “OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS)” which is the industry standard used to validate the security of your web applications. 

We use a fine-tuned manual code auditing and the highest quality commercial secure code review tools available to ensure comprehensive coverage. 

The team at Tensecure has a strong history in static analysis, dynamic analysis and manual source code review. This service combines the use of automated scanning tools, manual code inspection and architecture review to highlight any serious threats that could result from software bugs. 





Here, Security Never Sleeps.



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