Tensecure Managed Program

Our Tensecure Managed Program offers a holistic security for an organization which covers your security from head to toe of your organization. We offer services and solutions such as Virtual CISO & DPO, Compliance, Application and Infrastructure security assessment, Security Awareness & Training, etc. These services and solutions will secure your organization and helps your business grow without any fear of getting attacked in this cyber era.

Managed security services

Virtual CISO & DPO

Virtual CISO or CISO-as-service, offers organisations access to expert and experienced cyber security practitioners who take on the role of a Chief Information Security Officer in your business.  

Secure Source Code Review

The secure source code review provided by us involves a detailed assessment of the code behind your web application. We have experts proficient in different languages to make the task a cake-walk.  

Vulnerability Assessment & Management

Our vulnerability assessment practices involve continuous evaluation and security assessment of your website/application. Vulnerability assessment requires a continuous approach. 

Penetration Testing

Tensecure provides top-class penetration testing that mimics an approach from an attacker’s side, under controlled circumstances.

Security Awareness & Training

Our Security Awareness Training program includes cyber defense training across a range of areas including (but not limited to): 

  • phishing awareness training, 

  • simulated malware and ransomware training, 

  • internet security training 

  • social media cybersecurity training 

Security Architecture design & Implementation

Our Security experts perform a comprehensive inspection of how each application environment is designed, including application structure, data storage and transmission, infrastructure design, and more. We also help implement Industry best secure design practices.


In this Program we manage end to end Security compliance which includes Gap Assessment, Implementation and Remediation support as per the applicable security standards and best practices. Internal Audit and Risk assessment exercise is also performed annually.

OS Assessment

Our expert team uses the hardening checklists which are based on the comprehensive checklists produced by The Center for Internet Security (CIS). Our system hardening service will ensure that system will be protected against security misconfigurations which can lead to any breach.

Endpoint Security & Protection

Our company gives you what you need to stop malware, prevent data loss and protect all the data stored on your users’ computers.

Security Gap & Posture Assessment

Our team provides a comprehensive range of internal and external security gap assessment to evaluate your systems, applications and processes for a variety of vulnerabilities. 

Public Bug Bounty

Open your application to the world and get assessed by billions of security researchers.

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bug bounty

Private Bug Bounty

We offer invite-only programs to your organization/service/application where we guarantee the confidentiality of your reports. 

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