Container Security

Container security is the protection of integrity of containers. This includes everything from the applications they hold, to the infrastructure they rely on. 
Container Security

With containers, complex applications can be deployed on a single host utilizing many different micro-services host in containers on that host. With this advantage that containers give, it is important to protect their integrity. In our container security service, we include everything from the applications they hold to the infrastructure they rely on. Container security needs to be integrated and continuous.

Continuous container security for the enterprise is about: 
  • Securing the container pipeline and the application 

  • Securing the container deployment environment(s) and infrastructure 

  • Integrating with enterprise security tools and meeting or enhancing existing security policies

Containers make it easy to build, package, and promote an application or service, and all its dependencies, throughout its entire lifecycle and across different environments and deployment targets.  

By building security into the container pipeline and defending your infrastructure, you can make sure your containers are reliable, scalable, and trusted. Get expert perspectives on container security throughout the container application stack and life cycle from our expert team.  

While giving optimal container security, we focus on the following: 
  • Container Security Architecture  

  • The security of the container host  

  • Container network traffic  

  • The security of your application within the container  

  • Malicious behavior within your application  

  • Securing your container management stack  

  • The foundation layers of your application  

The goal of container security is to ensure that whatever you build continuously works as intended, and only as intended. 

Here, Security Never Sleeps.



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